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Retain your tone with a unique personality!

1/4" TS Instrument Cable (Standard)

  • The standard cable is Redco TGS-HD, a specially designed cable for use in connecting Guitar/Bass, Keyboards, or other Instruments to amplifiers, mixers, and other outboard gear. This 18 AWG Oxygen Free Copper cable provides low capacitance and low resistance, resulting in improved frequency response. The proprietary Carbon/Braid Copper shield construction virtually eliminates microphone handling noise, especially on stage where instrument amps are often set to high volumes. And the treble's "edge" is preserved, even when using guitar pickups with long cable runs. We use only Neutrik Straight and/or Right Angle ends. 
    The Silent Plug Option allows for one end to be a Neutrik Silent Plug, which eliminates any pops or noises when connecting or disconnecting a guitar (Reccomended only for acoustic, electric, and bass guitars).  

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